About Us

Established in 1990, Arnhem Nursery evolved from owner Kerry's involvement in the landscaping industry. The nursery is set on a tropical garden spread over several acres.

Strobilanthes Dyeranus — Arnhem Nursery in McMinns Lagoon, NT
The nursery site started as an empty paddock in 1978, and has since been developed into a family home and site for an extensive collection of plants. Sandra's green thumb and encyclopaedic knowledge of plants, Kerry's skill with machinery and persistence, and a whole lot of trial and error and experimentation, has resulted in a collection of amazing plants and gardens. The plants sold in the nursery and maintained in the acres of garden have been collected over almost 40 years of travelling and collecting and are a labour of love for the family.

The retail nursery was opened in 1990 and they have been imparting their hard earned knowledge and experience to the public ever since. Approximately 90% of the plants sold in the nursery are produced onsite and a mature example of many of the plants can be found somewhere in the extensive garden.

We enjoy being able to take you through the gardens and explain how we achieve the results we have, and better yet advise you how you can get the best out of your site to achieve the best result for you.