Rainforest Trees, Tropical Plant & Ginger Selection in Darwin

Arnhem Nursery has Australia's best range of tropical plants and can cater to the homeowner, landscaper and developer, servicing Darwin and the outlying communities. Arnhem Nursery's trees are ready to be planted in your garden and the staff can provide friendly and personalised advice for all your tropical plant needs.

Adenium Obesum — Arnhem Nursery in McMinns Lagoon, NT

What do we sell?

  • Food Plants of every description, from Veggie seedlings to edible water plants
  • Fruit Trees - Things you will have heard of and many you probably haven't
  • Trees - Natives and exotics suited to our climate
  • Shrubs for full sun and shade
  • Heliconias and Gingers of all sizes and colours
  • Soil Improvement resources and Fertilisers
  • Shade plants to fill those dark corners
  • A range of pots
  • Water Plants

What services do we offer?

  • Advice on how to improve and balance your soil
  • Information on the right plant for your style and situation
  • Advice on how to water effectively and efficiently
  • A fertiliser and garden maintenance regime to suit your lifestyle
  • Pallet packaging of orders for remote customers and communities
  • On-site Garden Design Consultations for those who want dedicated advice for their home or situation
We sell everything plant related but more importantly we give you the essential advice needed to turn those ingredients into a garden!
Ctenanthe Opp Tri Dicliptera Suberecta AvdS AvdS — Arnhem Nursery in McMinns Lagoon, NT